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Family Matters

The one positive that has come out of all of this is how close we have become as a family. I am seeing family members on a regular basis that I don't normally, I am speaking to cousins that I... Continue Reading →

How many feelings can you feel in one week!!

Quite a lot it turns out!! Dad was due to start radiotherapy on Tuesday this week. This has been a looooong time coming, he was initially due to start on the 9th of January so should haver been well and... Continue Reading →

Ups and Downs

Sorry its been a while since my last post, but I feel like my head has been a bit of a scrambled mess for the past few weeks, so I apologise now if this post is a bit of a... Continue Reading →

The Big ‘C’

Cancer! The word that fills everyone with absolute fucking dread! Its one of those things that you are always aware of it being around you, but when it actually affects your family, you realise how evil and common it is.... Continue Reading →

Nothing much to report

This week has felt pretty normal for me! The Kids have both been full of cold so I haven't been able to take them to see Dad this week. I started a new job this week, just one day a... Continue Reading →

What is Normal???

Will life ever feel normal again? I sometimes feel like I don't know how to go about living at the moment, like I am frozen in time. In normal circumstances I should be looking for a job, I should be... Continue Reading →

Its hard staying positive :(

This is my Daddy Bear with my baby girl, Holly, at Christmas. As you can imagine they adore each other! The last few days have been very tough to keep the positive face on. My dad went into hospital on... Continue Reading →

What a difference a day makes…

Today couldn't have been a more literal total opposite of yesterday! I am typing this through clouds of tears , after seeing my Dad cry the most I have seen in a long time! Today the words 'I don't know... Continue Reading →

Today has been a good day!

This may be a slightly selfish post as more about me today than Dad 🙂 But today has been a good day! Had a bit of a realisation today that I am preaching to Dad and not necessarily taking my... Continue Reading →

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